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If you have a blog, you may be wondering how to add your signature after every post on your Blogger or Blogspot blog. This feauture will add more professional look to your each post and make it look beautiful.You must first have a signature that you want to have at the bottom of your post.

MyLiveSignature method

MyLiveSignature, a free graphic signature making service that helps you to “make a signature” from 120 different fonts. The Plugin then uses the HTML code MyLiveSignature provides to feature your new graphic signature on your blog. You can add that to your blogger, or take advantage of the LiveSig WordPress Plugin to add it automatically.
Steps >>

1> Create a signature using MyLiveSignature or any other website.

2) Copy the Image URL.

3) Log in to your blogger account.

4) Go to Layout > Edit Html > Expand Widget Templates

5) Now search for the following cod


6) Paste the following code just below the
<img src="http://YOUR ANIMATED PICTURE URL" />

7) Save the template.

8) DONE. Enjoy.

The bloger way : 
 So, to add a signature, first, you’ll need to create a signature image

1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard and click on Layout then Edit HTML.

2. Check the Expand Widget Templates box.
3. Click CTRL-F and copy and paste the line below in the search box to search for it in your code.

post-footer-line post-footer-line-1

It may say :

 <p class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1>


<p class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1>

Or something similar- either is fine. Just look for that line.

4. Under that line, paste this code and change IMAGE URL to the url address of your signature image (it’s the Direct Link on Photobucket).

<img src='IMAGE URL' style='border: none; background: transparent;' /><br/>

5. Preview it and Save it! You’re done!


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