Reasons why no one reads your blog???

How many repeat visitors to your website or blog do you really have? If the latest statistics show that nobody’s coming back to your site for more than a perfunctory second look, chances are there is a problem – or multiple problems. Well fellow try-hard bloggers, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s the real reason why nobody reads your blog:

·        It’s Boring

.  You’re not supplying enough content for people to look at
. If it is the same content over days and weeks people wil be least bothered to come back to your site. Have something to say. Teach. Inform. Share your opinion. Get people excited.

·        It’s appearance

First impression is the best impression. Well, you have written loads of interesting articles, updated them regularly, but still....Just a moment !  Have you bothered to add any pictures or lists to break up the blocks? People are easily discouraged by a lot of words.  Apart from words your blog’s design DOES make some sense to your readers. Be careful  in choosing a theme oriented and pleasing theme according to your niche.  If you don’t pull them in at first glance, you’ve lost them for good – or at least until you put up another blog post.

·        Lack of promotion

“If you write it, they probably won’t come – unless you tell them about it.” Get social. Announce every change to your blog on your social sites. Facebook the news. Tweet it.  Send out emails. Do whatever you have to do to get your audience looking at your site.  Even mentioning it to people isn’t too far out.

·        Stay focussed :

IF your content is too diverged people wont be coming for a specific expertise knowledge until you personally pay or say them!!!


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