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This post exclusively dedicated to the bloggers who are always worrying for traffic and confused about the topic for blogging.   Ofcourse , passion is an important factor, but you need to compromise a bit and filter the niches where there is also profit potential.
So here goes a list of top preffered niches in the online market. Obviously you need to pick this list with a grain of salt, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to start building websites to target those keywords directly. Nonetheless I think that having an idea of where the money is flowing online can be quite useful.
       1.     Insurance
       2.     Make money online
       3.     Loans
       4.     Weight reduction
       5.     Design tutorials
       6.     Blogging
       7.     Health & Treatment
       8.     Relationships & advice
       9.     Beauty solutions
      10.  Reviews
      11.   Degree online
      12.  Personal development

So you’re now clear about profitable niches, but before choosing one make sure it has the ability to allow you to grow your tail into the highly profitable niches.


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