DO's and DONT's of Adsense

This page is a must read for those who are using adsense.Google Adsense is a great way to make extra money online and it is very easy to use. The best way to achieve success with this program is to be sure to follow the rules and regulations. Google is extremely serious about its policies and will not hesitate to terminate your account if you break these rules.


Do Not Ever click on your own ads. This is number one because it is by far the most important. Google makes it abundantly clear that this practice will not be tolerated.
Don't ask your friends and family to click on your ads. Rather, earn money by referring them to the Google Adsense program.
Do not put google adsense ads on restricted websites or web pages. 
Do not think that google will reinstate your adsense account.

Do not tamper with the google ad code that google provides for you. 

Don’t try to edit Adsense code. Place the code as it is generated by Adsense tool.


Do  read, understand and follow Google Adsense terms and conditions before you begin. Though It is very friendly but you must be careful about it.
Do research on placing adsense ads on your websites!
Do try to make the content of your site as useful to your target audience and enjoyable for yourself. This will increase your visitors and your Adsense earnings.
 Do complete your blog before submitting it to google adsense .  If your blog is in “Under construction” then ready your blog as soon as possible. 
This was the major mistake i did with my second blog. Google never approves the sites with “under construction” label . And once it has been rejected let me tell you its really tougher in the successive attempts !!


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