Alternatives to Adsense

While going through our records recently, we found that your AdSense account has posed a significant risk to our AdWords advertisers. Since keeping your account in our publisher network may financially damage our advertisers in the future, we’ve decided to disable your account.”
AAAAH... So this is the most dreaded email message by millions of bloggers.. Ya i Agree.. That hurts !!!  While you’re given the option to appeal, it’s very unlikely that your account will ever be reinstated. Well This is not the end of the journey ! Ya you read it right !! There are many alternatives to google adsense out there in the virtual world...

           1.     Query ads  : 
     It claims to pay a minimum of .10 cent per click via paypal (with min. payout  of 2,267.24). If you have a high quality site, with regular content updates, you can make money by displaying ads customized to match the content on your pages the way Adsense does.

      2.     Chitika :          The ads are contextual by default .But tat     may not be a problem because ads can be specified   according to specific keywords. The major advantage is that it can run along with google adsense. The minimum payment amount is 453.45 rs

           3.     Infolinks :     They are server inline contextual ads. Many publishers report better earnings than in adsense.  And just like above this can also run along with adsense program.Minimum payment amnt is Rs 2267.24 . The    payments are made through PAYPAL

       4.     Clicksor :      They provide ads that are truely context specific. Hence you can be sure that your readers will be viewing the ads about the terms for which they came to your site ! And the good news is that they are much tolerant than google .. Whoa ! what a relief !! Payments are made either through cheque or through paypal.

      5.     Adbrite :        It is one of the best alternative to google adsense .Through a small snippet of HTML code they do all the work of serving ,publishing,billing etc.In addition they offer inline pagelinks.

     6.     Bidvertiser : This lets you specify the format and the look of ads. Pop under ads and xml feeds are also supported. Onversion bonus and revenue generating toolbar are two new features offered. It pays you either by Cheque or Paypal.

             7.     Clickbank :  Really very nice network for newbie starting out in affiliate marketing. They share nice commissions with the affiliate. And the advantage is that it is easy to start .


Thanks forthe list :)Hope it wil be useful for many desperate bloggers ou tere !

sooooo niceeeeeeeeee....................

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